Gun Lube Applicator

GUN LUBE / CLP Applicator 12ml (Cleaner, Lube, Protection)


M2CH GL Applicator, makes it easy to apply lubrication on your fire arms with out the mess. No more gun lube all over your hands. Our GL Blend has a thicker viscosity to ensure it goes just where you want it.  M2CH GL is a pure synthetic liquid lubricant.

Formulated without the use of mineral oil, petroleum

distillates, Teflon or silicone. M2CH Gun Lube has extremely high penetrating and anti-wear properties

and withstands extreme temperature changes (-110°F

to +1250°F). It also combines three essential functions

(lubricant, cleaner, preservative) into a single product.

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Additional Info

M2CH GunLube formulated to meet the complete requirements of cleaning, lubricating, and preserving both small and large caliber weapons in virtually all climate conditions. Apply to weapons metal surface liberally on first application. Allow to penetrate surface on first application approximately 5 to 10 min. Wipe excess lubricant from surface to leave a dry surface to the touch. This will also help when it comes to dirt not sticking to a dry weapon. As weapons are used and heat up the M2CH GL will penetrate even deeper into the pores of the metal. On second cleaning these pores will fill in with additional Lubricant and a new protective barrier will be formed making the second cleaning much easier and faster.

Simple to use
Apply to all moving parts of the mechanism and all parts that require lubrication and, or protection from corrosion.

M2CH GL, safe to use on polymers?
Yes, our lubricants are 100% safe to use on polymers and will not harm them at all.

M2CH GL meets most and exceeds requirements of MIL SPEC: MIL-PRF-63460D (6)

Kinematics Viscosity (ASTM D445) -59° F...Pass
Falex Load Carrying Capacity (ASTM D3233) +4500 lbs...Pass
Corrosion Test (ASTM-B-117) 150 Hr...Pass
Rust Resistance (ASTM D-665) Test A...Pass Test B...Pass Modified Test C...Pass

Automatic and rapid firearm users will see

  • Increased pattern consistency
  • Increased bolt action
  • Increased Muzzle velocity
  • Increased distance
  • Decreased recoil, friction, heat and wear
  • Decreased Malfunction or jamming

Additional benefits

  • Will not attract dust, dirt or sand like petroleum products
  • Will not harden or become tacky
  • Will not dry out and leave unprotected metal behind
  • Will reduce cleaning frequency
  • No need for 5 or 6 other potential dangerous cleaners
  • Contains No Petroleum distillates or other toxic ingredients